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3D Technology – The best way to identify dental issues

Going to the dentist has never been easier or more effective.

One of the most exciting advancements in modern dentistry is the application of 3D Digital Technology. We now have the ability to capture a multi-dimensional view of your head and neck to assist in performing a multitude of procedures. The ability to utilize this dental grade CT-Scan equipment makes even the most complicated procedures a breeze.

Breezy Bay Dental strives to be at the top of the game when it comes to new technology and we love our digital CT-Scan machine. It looks and functions just like a normal digital panoramic X-ray machine, but also renders a high resolution, three dimensional image. This image can be readily manipulated and interpreted to help Dr. Sherman perform all sorts of dental procedures.

These procedures include:

  • Precise and minimally invasive dental implant placement-right here in our office
  • Treatment of airway disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders
  • Dental issues and complications, as well as potentially problematic dental anomalies. Breezy Bay Dental provides modern dentistry using cutting edge technology and patients enjoy the convenience of having immediate access to this high-end service to care for their dental needs. It’s important to us that our clients get the best care with the least stress.

You’re always welcome to visit and see our facility and the equipment we use to make dentistry a breeze. To schedule a visit, contact our office today. You’ll see for yourself that Breezy Bay Dental is here to take care of all your dental needs.