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5 signs that your tooth enamel is eroding

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Is your tooth enamel is eroding? How can you tell?

You’ll find that there are noticeable side effects that come from tooth enamel erosion. Here are 5 common signs:

1. Increased teeth sensitivity
If you are experiencing increased sensitivity of your teeth, this could mean tooth erosion. It’s the most common side effect that people experience which means there is a reduction in the tooth’s protective coating. If you notice that your teeth hurt when you eat very hot or cold foods, when your gums are more exposed to air or when brushing your teeth, you are losing enamel.

2. Increased Tooth Decay and Fracturing
When the protective surface (the enamel) on your teeth gets worn down, your teeth become more susceptible to decay which means increased cavities. As enamel grows weaker, so does your teeth. This means they can break down, crack, and fracture more frequently.

3. Rough Edges on Your Teeth
Have you noticed that the edges of your teeth are growing less and less smooth? As tooth enamel wears down, you will feel rough edges where the teeth were once smooth. Eventually, this will lead to chips and cracks.

4. See Through Teeth or Shiny Spots
The more you experience enamel loss the more the teeth become worn down and thinner until they look nearly transparent. Your teeth may also lose their natural shine causing them to look dull and lack-luster. This is a sign that your teeth have lost important minerals.

5.Yellowing Discolored Teeth
Enamel erosion often results in discoloration or yellowing. This is very unattractive and, what this means is, the enamel has worn so thin you are seeing the underlying, yellow, dentin of your teeth.

What can be done to restore tooth enamel?

There’s no way to “restore” tooth enamel because tooth enamel doesn’t have living cells. It means there is no way for it to repair itself. Tooth enamel decay is permanent.

However, there are ways you can treat the damage. While tooth enamel can’t be rebuilt, there are other methods to take care of your teeth.

Bonding, Crowns and White Fillings can correct the look of your teeth while protecting them from further harm.

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