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The Dreaded Root Canal: Does it have to be painful?

woman at dentist office terrified to have a root canal

So, you have to get a root canal! Horrors, right? Not necessarily so. Dull pain is common and is often a side effect of root canal treatment but there are ways to keep that pain in check and minimize it. Whatever pain you do experience should disappear within 48 hours or so.

Here are some tips to keep that pain to a minimum and make that root canal a better experience:

4 ways to avoid pain when getting a Root Canal:

  • The most important tip is: Get a really competent dentist. When root canals are done properly by someone who cares about the patient experience, root canals should be a pain-free procedure. Most of the time a local anaesthetic will do. In extreme cases, sedation can be an option. Pick a Doc who knows his stuff!
  • Antibiotics are important if there is any infection. It’s fine to have your doctor use antibiotics. Your dentist can prescribe these but some are reluctant to do so. In that case, your medical doctor can prescribe them.
  • Numbing on the second appointment is fine and can help avoid pain. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask to be numbed on the second appointment. Avoiding pain is the name of the game. Even though the nerve may already be gone, numbing the tooth makes work on the surrounding tissue much more comfortable and can result in longer-lasting relief from discomfort after treatment is complete.
  • Play the prevention card! It’s better and easier to prevent root canal pain than to make it go away after the fact. Ibuprofen (Advil) is best but if you can’t take it because you have asthma or other medical issues that don’t work with Ibuprophen, take a paracetamol (Tylenol) before the local anesthetic has worn off. Always ask your dentist opinion on painkillers they like best.

3d image of infected pulp in tooth

Breezy Bay Dental
At Breezy Bay Dental, we understand that root canals give a lot of people anxiety. Don’t worry. Not only are we professionals at managing dental anxiety, but even some of the most complicated root canal procedures can be handled right here.

From time to time, it is necessary to remove the nerve and pulp inside a damaged tooth. We employ the latest in 3D and digital radiographic technology to ensure these procedures are as efficient and pain-free as possible.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you at Breezy Bay Dental. Located in beautiful, Palm Harbor Florida.

Our motto: No pain… No pain! ????