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Brushing Those Pesky Wisdom Teeth

happy family with perfect white wisdom teeth

All too often, we are told by our dentist that our wisdom teeth must come out because they are just too hard to brush properly and keep clean. Although this article is not a cure-all for cleaning hard to reach places in your mouth, here’s a helpful hint.

You can reach those teeth that are further back, with any toothbrush, at more conducive angles, by doing the following:

When we open our mouths in a normal fashion, the natural downward movement of our jaw constricts the most rear upper corners of the mouth, exactly where the upper wisdom teeth are. Instead of opening normally, in a straight down manner, like a hinge, open your mouth only half way and slide your jaw toward one side. You will notice that there is now quite an opening on the side you moved your jaw towards. This creates space way back in the upper corner of your mouth to allow a great deal more room for your toothbrush thus giving you the ability to get to those back teeth and brush them properly.

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