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Your Two Front Teeth

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Do you remember losing that first tooth? Putting the tooth under your pillow and waking up with the hope of money in its place? You loved the tooth fairy and believed. Maybe now you’re the tooth fairy for your kids or grandkids.

Having loose teeth as a kid is exciting. It means you’re going to get your real teeth in, your adult teeth. It’s a right of passage.

But when you’re older, loose teeth can mean problems like gum disease and tooth decay. We think it’s charming when a little one has a gap in their teeth because it means a new tooth is going to grow in, one they will have the rest of their lives if they take good care of their teeth, Not so when we get older. It’s embarrassing when you lose a tooth as an adult and it may lead to bigger problems.

However, there are solutions to fix the loss of a tooth. One such solution is dental implants. This is not always possible but in many cases can solve the problem.

When placing dental implants, the doctor must identify certain anatomical structures within the mouth and evaluate if there is enough good bone to support the treatment. Angulation, depth, and several other factors are addressed before an implant treatment plan can be made to ensure the safety and health of our patients.

At Breezy Bay Dental of Palm Harbor, our state-of-the-art digital imaging systems make the planning, placement, and restoration phases of treatment a breeze. In less than a minute, our 3D Panoramic machine gathers the necessary data, you don’t feel a thing!

Our doctor will review your data with you, work through your treatment plan, then create a surgical guide to quickly and safely place your dental implants. Everything is done right here, in the comfort of our office.

So, if all you want for Christmas is healthy teeth and gums, come see us. We want you to have the best smile possible and the happiest of holidays. We want to be your tooth fairy and replace those bad teeth with good ones.