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Digital Dentistry at Breezy Bay Dental

We LOVE technology at Breezy Bay Dental, which is why we incorporate it in so many aspects of our practice! From our electronic patient forms to our 3D imaging system, digital dentistry makes our lives and the lives of our patients easier and safer. If you’re not sure how digital dentistry can enhance your experience at Breezy Bay, let us point out a few perks.

  • Digital dentistry is precise. Even something as simple as an electronic form gives us greater precision when there is no risk of misreading handwriting! Precision also really counts when it comes to imaging. Our 3D panoramic imaging system allows us to see every aspect of your mouth, from important nerve locations to sinuses. This allows us to treat you safely and more effectively by eliminating the guesswork.
  • Digital dentistry saves time. Because of the quality and precision of images, digital dentistry gives us an instant visual to efficiently evaluate treatments and explain treatments in great detail to patients. There is no waiting around for film to process and no waiting to figure out which treatments would be most effective.
  • Digital dentistry is more comfortable. In most cases, we can eliminate the pink impression goop we all dislike. Digital impression technologies have made major advances in this area. The digital dentistry we use at Breezy Bay Dental is non-invasive, which means less discomfort when you come in for treatment.
  • Digital dentistry is safe. When we use digital imaging, we are exposing you to far less radiation than we would with traditional x-rays. Digital imaging allows us to keep you safe and healthy like never before.
  • Even using the internet helps us streamline all of our systems. Digitally communicating with 3rd party providers like labs and insurance companies helps us maintain efficient and precise work flows. Whenever you make things more efficient and more precise, the patient wins!

    If you’d like to learn more about how Breezy Bay Dental incorporates technology in our practice, contact our office today. No need to pick up the phone if you don’t want to; technology makes it possible for you to contact us right here on our web site. We look forward to seeing you soon!