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Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

3d illustration of a dental implant

Dental implants are among the most popular treatment in modern dentistry. Amazing advances have been made in the surgical placement of implants as well as their function and appearance.

Here are some reasons to consider Dental Implants:

1. Keeping your teeth from shifting: When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will eventually start to shift in order to fill in the empty space. This can lead to problems down the line. Space between teeth or crowded teeth make brushing and flossing more difficult and can lead to expensive orthodontic care if left unaddressed.

2. The health of your Jawbone: Fixed bridges are an alternative option to implants but with bridges, your jawbone will start to deteriorate underneath the missing tooth. Without a tooth root, the jawbone does not get the stimulation it needs. Dentures that are not implant-supported, can offer the same bad results. Keep in mind that if you wait too long to get dental implants, the jawbone may not support them without a dental bone graft.

3. Your facial appearance: Missing teeth can cause your jawbone to deteriorate, which can make your face appear sunken in and make you appear older than you are. Dental implant posts help stimulate the jawbone to produce dense, healthy jawbone material keeping you young looking.

Breezy Bay Dental, a family dentistry practice in Palm Harbor, Florida, offers a full line of options using Biomet 3i Dental Implants, a trusted and reputable brand. Placing and restoring implants is one of the most remarkable things we do. We’ve developed excellent, safe and comfortable methods at an affordable cost. We can restore any brand and provide many options to meet your needs.

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