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Dr. Philip Sherman, DMD – Blog


Happy Easter – Here comes the candy.

3 cadbury easter eggs

The staff at Breezy Bay Dental want to wish all of you a very Happy Easter.

We would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t remind you that while Easter is a time of great celebrating, good food, family, and fun, it’s also the high holiday of sugar ????

Peeps: colored sugar chicks – yummy in the tummy – lousy in the teeth
Yes, their delicious but their pure sugar and can live in the spaces between your teeth if you don’t floss them on out of there. Eat them up then floss, floss, floss.

Chocolate bunnies: Everyone hopes to get one of these.
How disappointing when you bite into the ears and the bunny is hollow. Solid bunnies are the best but they’re also hard on the teeth. Be careful not to bite into one that’s been in the fridge. It doesn’t take much to crack a tooth on these bad boys.

Jelly Beans: Now in all your favorite flavors
Popcorn jelly beans are awesome. How do they make something made of sugar taste like buttered corn? No matter what the flavor they’re still made of sugar and their sticky little selves will lodge in the teeth and even get stuck under the gums, Floss and rinse with a good mouth wash after you’re done enjoying them.

Cadbury Eggs: Chocolate outside – marshmallow inside – pure heaven
Love them, eat them and put one in everyone’s basket but once Easter is over, forget about them till next spring. We love to see our patients at Breezy Bay but we love seeing you have healthy teeth and gums even more.

Enjoy the holidays with family and friends and know the Dr. Sherman and the gang will be here when you need them. Contact us for a teeth cleaning and check-up after your Easter candy binge!