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What To do about Wisdom Teeth

funny cartoon about wisdom teeth

If I keep my wisdom teeth will it make me wiser? ????

One major dental change in your life is having your wisdom teeth come in. This usually happens between age 17 and 21. Wisdom teeth are actually your third molars and got their nickname because they come in as you are reaching the age of maturity.

When they come in correctly, these teeth can help you chew though they will probably cause a bit of discomfort. If they hurt, go see your dentist.

How do I know if my wisdom teeth have come in correctly?
Wisdom teeth need enough space to surface properly or they can come through your gums in the wrong position. This can lead to them becoming impacted or trapped in your jaw or under your gums.

Your dentist will need to watch them carefully for certain issues that can arise such as:

  • Food getting trapped in wisdom teeth can make it hard to floss and can create room for cavities to occur where bacteria can grow. This can lead to infection, pain, and swelling or stiffness in the jaw.
  • Wisdom teeth can crowd or damage neighboring teeth and may cause future issues if not removed.
  • If they become impacted, they can damage the roots of nearby teeth or the bone supporting teeth.

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?
Wisdom teeth may need to be removed if any of the following issues arise:

  • Gum disease
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Tooth decay
  • Cysts
  • Damage to neighboring teeth
  • Getting braces
  • Other dental issues affected by the wisdom teeth.

This is between you and your dentist. X-rays will probably be in order to determine whether or not to remove the teeth.

What if I decide to keep my wisdom teeth?
If you and your dentist decide to keep your wisdom teeth, you’ll have to keep a watchful eye on them in case of future problems, The older we get the more risk there is of possible health problems and wisdom teeth can cause some issues down the line. Make sure you floss regularly and get way back in there to those wisdom teeth.

No matter what, see your dentist regularly and make the WISE decision with the help of your friendly neighborhood dentist. If Palm Harbor Florida is your neighborhood, visit Breezy Bay Dental where you’ll be treated like part of the family.

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